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Bullseye Glass Assortment
COE 90

Bullseye Assortment 11-15 TN

MSRP $31.48

Only $15.95

We uncovered seventeen 10 pound boxes of Bullseye Glass lampworking rods (COE 90) in our warehouse, 11 colors in all.  We decided to make up an assortment of one rod from each box and offer it as a 17 rod assortment. Some of the colors were regular production colors several years ago when we stocked Bullseye Glass rods, the others were non-standard colors, but very popular. Obviously, limited availability. Approximately .94 pounds (.42 kg).
3 rods each of: Pale Emerald Green
2 rods each of: Pale Sky Blue, 0141 Forest Green, 1321 Carnelian and Irish Cream
1 rod each of: 1138 Dark Amber, 1215-B Orange Lollipop, Pale Plumb, Pale Violet, Periwinkle and 1112 Aventurine Green




Trimlett Two Hole Button Mandrel

Heather Trimlett Two Hole Mandrel TN

Regularly $5.50

SALE $3.95

Used to make two hole buttons and beads.


Cabochon Mandrels
11 Diameters

Cabochon Mandrels - Round Flat TN
All 11 diameters are available with 9" or 12" length handles.

Pictured are 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1".

Our round Cabochon Mandrels come in 11 diameters, from ½" to 1", by 1/16" increments, plus 1¼" and 1½". They feature a thicker 5/32" handle for more a comfortable grip and your choice of a 9" (23cm) or 12" (30cm) length. For regular bead mandrels, where you mostly hold the mandrel level, the 12" length is more popular. Cabochon mandrels are typically used more in an up and down direction, therefor you might prefer the 9" length so it doesn't bump the table and other objects. Millimeter equivalents listed with each size.

9" Length

12" Length


Flat Mandrel 1/8"x1/2" (3.2x13mm)

Flat Mandrel 3-1x13mm TN



For use when stringing beads onto flat materials, such as leather strip(s) and multiple strings or cords. Our all stainless steel Flat Mandrel measures 1/8"x1/2"x2" (3.2x13x51mm) on the working end. The long edges are nicely rounded and like our Emiko Mandrels, we put a heavy texture on it for good mandrel release adhesion. It has a heavy duty 5/32" (4mm) handle for strength and easy of turning.




SALE Bead Mandrel

Mega Mandrel Pack TN

All listed sizes
25% OFF

Stainless steel rods used to make beads on. 8 diameters in two lengths, plus two Variety Packs. The Variety Packs contain two mandrels each of 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" and 3/16".

9" Length

12" Length


Etching Liquid

Glass Bead Etching Crystals - Large TN 

4 oz. $9.00
16 oz. $25.00

4 oz. $6.75
16 oz. $18.75

Liquid type of glass etching chemical produces a soft velvet or satin finish. Shipped dry. Mix with boiling water. Large open mouth jar makes dipping glass beads, marbles and sculpture into solution easy. Not effective on borosilicate glass.


SALE Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless Steel Tubes TN

All listed sizes
25% OFF

Used for blowing and punties, as well as for making large holes in glass beads.


4 Piece Sculpting Set

Sculpting Set 4 Piece TN

Regularly $7.50

SALE $4.95

This stout 4 piece Sculpting Set is great for manipulating and shaping hot glass as well as clay and wax.




Small Knife Edge Shaping Tools

Bitty Blades TN

¼" or ⅜"


All 3
Only $10.95

With a knife edge on the tip of the blade, Bitty Blades are great for shaping both soft and hard glass. Choose from blade widths of ¼", ⅜" or ½". Or, get the 3 piece set at a discount. Includes Safety Blade Cap Protector (pictured at top).


4 NEW Dazzlings!™
Frit Mixes

I Love USA - Dutch Gardens - Daffodil - Be the Cure

1 Ounce

2 Ounces

Go beyond ordinary color…
to Dazzlings!™

Click HERE to see
all the colors.


Spiral Press

Spiral Bead 2 TN
 Spiral Press TN

Regularly $12.95

SALE $8.95

The new Spiral Press is fast and extremely easy to use. Just heat up an area of glass to make it pliable and press the tool to it. Diameter is ± ¾" (19 mm). Each one is unique, as they are hand made and easily adjustable to meet your whim. The bead pictured on left is the Left Hand Spiral, pressed into Moody Blue on an Effete Ivory base. The one on the right is the Right Hand Spiral pressed into Effetre Ivory.


Aha, have we got a deal for you

Rod and Tool Rest Large Hole Shorter TN

Regular Length $7.00

Shorter Length
SALE $3.95

As you probably know, we manufacture most of the tools we sell. While making the Rod and Tool Rest with Large Holes, we made a batch of them a little short. Instead of them having 11 holes across the top (as pictured to the left on the bottom), they have 10 holes (as pictured to the left on the top). Not much difference, but you benefit on the price. So, while supplies last, we're blowing them out at this great price. To see how this Large Hole version compares to our Small Hole version and see examples of their use, click on the Learn More link below.

Learn MoreAdd_To_Cart



NEW Mandrel Release


We have introduced several versions of mandrel releases over the past 21 years, each one better than the one before or with different properties than the others. Our new Dip-n-Go SLUDGE ULTRA mandrel release is hands down the best. It came about by necessity. Our old versions of mandrel releases were all excellent products, so we were happy to leave them as they were. You know, don't fix what ain't broke. However, a key binder ingredient is no longer available and there is no replacement. This left us in a bad bind - pun intended. So, we began formulating, experimenting and testing. Batch after batch, test after test. Now, we can honestly say, we wish this happened years ago, it is that good. The new Dip-n-Go SLUDGE ULTRA is fantastic!
Now available in a new 8 ounce size.

Dip-n-Go Sludge Ultra

Availability of older versions of mandrel release products made with the old binder:

Super Blue SLUDGE - Still available while stock lasts

Dip-n-Go Sludge Blue - Still available while stock lasts

Sludge Plus - No longer available, replaced by Dip-n-Go SLUDGE ULTRA
Dip-n-Go Sludge - No longer available, replaced by Dip-n-Go SLUDGE ULTRA


Millefiori Assortment - Sort of

Millefiori Assortment 6 colors TN

3 Ounces
(85 grams)

Only $8.95

Unlike a regular assortment, we packaged six ½ ounce (14 grams) colors separately. A great bargain at less than $3 per ounce. Quantities limited.




NEW BellaDonna Color
Dragonfly - True Dichromatic Glass

BD-11 Reflected Light TN
Viewed under
reflected light

BD-11 Transmitted Light TN
Viewed under
transmitted light

BellaDonna's new Dragonfly lampworking glass is a true silver reducing Dichromatic Glass. Not to be confused with the more common Dichroic coated glass, Dragonfly is actually a color changing glass. When viewed under reflected light, it appears blue. When viewed with light passing through it, the color changes to greens, amber and blue.

The reducing silver is subtle so not to overpower the colors and the process of reducing helps to make the glass strike to reveal the transmitted colors. The transmitted colors show when the glass is 1/8" (3mm) or less in thickness. Thicker then 1/8", the glass is opaque and blue. Ideal for leaves, wings and fins. Reactive with many colors for even more variation.


Broach Clip

Broach Clip TN


For making glass components at the end of straight or looped wires, commonly used in brooches, bangles and pendants. Made from an extra strong stainless steel alligator clip to provide a secure hold and welded to a 3/16" stainless steel tube. Stainless steel doesn't conduct heat well, so the tool stays cool in your hand. Hollow through and through, so any length of wire can be inserted. Overall length 7½". Accepts non rigid wires up to 16 gage (1.3mm).



$7 Shipping
On Orders of $75.00 or more.
Arrow Springs is offering $7.00 UPS Ground Shipping to anywhere within the contiguous 48 states, with a generous Shipping allowance to everywhere else in the universe, when you place an order for $75.00 or more in merchandise (Glass, Hand Tools, Equipment and Supplies) from our website using the shopping cart by the end of day, Monday, November 30, 2015, Pacific Coast Time. Excludes ovens (Annealers, Kilns and Fusers).

>>> IMPORTANT! <<<
The website shopping cart will generate shipping charges as it usually does. We will make shipping charge adjustments as we process your order.
See Shipping Details and Limitations.

This Shipping Offer and all other dated Special Offers remain in effect after the stated expiration date as long as they appear on the Arrow Springs website Home Page. Refresh your browser to verify they are still there. If an offer is removed during the day, we still honor it for the remainder of that day.

BellaDonna Shards - Dragon Scales

Shards-BD09-TN Shards-BD09Beads-TN
Per Ounce

We are now offering BellaDonna Glass in shards, starting with reducing color Dragon Scales. Shards are made by blowing large, thin bubbles of glass and breaking them into random sized pieces. The application of shards to a glass surface has a beautiful effect that cannot be duplicated using a glass rod. Because of their thinness, an ounce of shards goes a long way. Beads by Barbara Terrill.



Hand and Arm Rest

Hand and Arm Rest V3

The Arrow Springs Hand and Arm Rest is everything you expect it should be and more. Starting with a stout chassis, we mounted swept back wings, one on each side. Without the use of tools the wings easily adjust to a custom fit for hours of lampworking enjoyment. The wings adjust up and down so you can properly hold your glass rods and tools in alignment with the flame comfortably. They also rotate so the angle of their generous 2½" (6.3cm) padded width conforms to your forearm or wrist or hand comfortably. Get the idea here, ergonomics and comfort. If you can work comfortably, you can work better and longer and enjoy it more. From tip-to-tip, the wing span is 22" (56cm), yet with their cantilevered design, you can easily reach under them when you need to present the glass or tool from under the flame.

Now for the really cool part: between the wings is a snap-in graphite pad with a very generous 2½" x 3¾" working area. The graphite pad that comes standard is smooth on both sides. Use the second side should you damage the first or carve patterns or molds into it for an infinite variety of possibilities. Custom graphite molds are available upon request. Changing the graphite is literally a snap.

Finally, at the center of the Hand and Arm Rest the chassis adjusts securely around your torch. With four base positions forward to back and height adjustment, The Standard Height Range version perfectly mates with the following torches or other torches of similar size or shape: Minor Burner, Mega Minor Burner, Mini CC, WildCat, HellCat, Little Dragon 7 Bead Burner, Little Dragon 21 Bead Burner, Bullet Burner, Cricket, Bobcat, Lynx and Cheetah. The Tall Height Range version is for taller torches, such as Nortel's Mid Range and two flame torches and most large GTT torches. Read more about which Hand and Arm Rest fits best for your torch. Includes 4" C-clamp to secure torch and Hand and Arm Rest to your work table. Torch not included.


Hemostats with
Power Grip Handles

Hemostats Power Grip TN

Unlike traditional Hemostats with handles for only a thumb and one finger, we've modified very long hemostats to have the full size handles found on utility scissors to give you the comfort, power and control to manipulate hot, large and heavy things from a distance. Use examples include: placing or moving around items in an annealer; holding small items near a large flame; lifting hot crucibles by their lip.

Available in three lengths. 10", 16" and 22½" (25cm, 40cm and 57cm), each with two sizes of handles to choose from. The smaller handle size is intended to use Barehanded, though it will accommodate a light weight glove as well as a wide range of hand sizes. The larger Glovehanded size is designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes while wearing a glove size typically found around a lampworking bench. The larger Glovehanded size also works barehanded, but will feel a little loose in the hand. Non self-locking.


Glass Knob Inserts and
Insert Mandrels

Inserts and Insert Mandrels TN

Inserts for making glass knobs for cupboard doors, drawers, boxes and more. These ¼" (6.35mm) outside diameter, stainless steel inserts come in two lengths. The more common ¾" (19mm) length and a shorter ½" (12.7mm) length. Inserts have a hole in only one end and are threaded to accept the included, standard 1" (25.4mm) long, number 8-32 screw. Simply screw an insert onto the 12" (30cm) long stainless steel Insert Mandrel and apply molten glass to the insert. After you have made your beautiful knob, anneal it well. See our Graphite Button and Knob Mold.


Oxygen Concentrator/Generator Coupler

Oxygen Concentrator Coupler TN

Allows you to connect multiple oxygen concentrators (also known as oxygen generators) to a single oxygen hose for your torch for higher performance.
Pictured is the Double for connecting 2 Oxygen Concentrator/Generators.

Learn More


Mini Leaf Mashers

Mini Leaf Mashing Tweezers TN
Mini Leaves2 TN

Our new Mini Leaf Mashing Tweezers make realistic miniature leaves for many applications. Very popular right now are 3D multi-component sculptures and brooches. Small leaves, flowers and whimsical lampworked components are created at the end of flexible wire. These parts are then wired together to a central point to create some of the most incredible 3D lampworked art. Additional uses include leaf dangles on jewelry and components that are flame attached to larger pieces. The vein pattern is hand cut on each tweezers for a realistic, natural look. 7" long.



JC Enamel & Glass Sifters

JC Sifters with Coil TN
JC Cones With Detail with Coil TN

The JC Metal Sifters and JC Line & Dot Applicators. These tools dispense frit, powdered glass and enamels by shaking, tapping, or for the greatest control, by moving the Coil Actuator. It is incredibly easy to use. With just one hand, you hold the Sifter or Applicator and move the Coil Actuator forward and backward with either your finger or thumb. You easily control the volume of glass or enamel, from a gentle sprinkle to a heavy flow, by the pressure applied and the speed you move the Coil Actuator. The standard screen mesh size for the sifters is 60. This gives good flow, yet also gives you great control for shading. A 60 mesh screen is generally preferred for its ability for shading as well as its ability to efficiently cover a small item, such as a bead, quickly. We also offer all the Sifters in a 40 mesh screen. You may be familiar with this size, as that is what is in the red plastic bodied sifters. Enamellists also like the 40 mesh screen for its ability to cover a large area quickly and thoroughly. The two largest sizes are not pictured. Sifters Size Chart.

Line & Dot Applicator

60 Mesh Sifters

40 Mesh Sifters


Bead Annealing Mandrel Rest

Bead and Mandrel Rest 2 TN

Only $35.00


This Deluxe Mandrel Rest is the ultimate annealer accessory. Bigger, better, and much tougher than the original mandrel rest while giving you up to twice as much mandrel capacity. Properly placing your beads in the annealer is a great way to avoid denting or the sticking of your beads. With a stable base and 2¾" height, the rack safely suspends all your beads, preventing them from touching each other or the annealer and becoming damaged. Use the front tier to rest your mandrel on, or choose the back tier, with its larger holes, to insert the tip of your mandrel in. Choose the size that best fits your annealer, 8" or 12" width. Depth measures 2½" between the perforated panels and 2½ behind the back panel for stability. Need it customized for your annealer or special application? No Problem, just ask.


Bead Firing Rack

Bead Firing Rack with Center Divider TN
Bead Firing Rack Base TN


Bead Firing Rack suspends beads by their holes in the kiln for fire on paints and lusters, enameling and ceramic glazes. A floating center support to prevent the mandrels from bending under the weight of heavy beads when fired at fired at high temperature is included. Includes 8 assorted diameter mandrels. 7½" x 7½", all stainless steel. Other sizes available by request.



ASK 104 Clear Clearance

Kugler Rods TN

Originally $19.95
Per Pound

We literally have tons of ASK 104 clear. As a clear, it is absolutely wonderful; bright, easy flow, doesn't turn silver yellow… the list of attributes goes on and on, but stops at being 100% compatible with all other COE 104 glasses. Used by itself, it can't be beat. Makes great ornaments and sculptures.



Graphite Blocks

Graphite Block TN

3½" x 4" x 5"
ONLY $11.95

Half Block
ONLY $6.95

Graphite is wonderful stuff. It can withstand tremendous heat and can be cut, carved and sanded just like wood (although more messy). Use to make molds, presses, paddles and a bunch more things. This graphite is a little softer and more porous than our regular production graphite.


Casino Glass Clearance

CasinoGlassLgClr TN

Per Pound

These 1½" diameter, 2mm wall thickness tubes of Clear 104 COE glass were originally a casino chandelier. Now they're ready to become whatever you transform them into - Ornaments, vessels and more!.



Quartz Fuming Tubes

Fuming Rod Quartz TN


Quartz tubing makes the ideal material to hold Fine Silver or 24 Karat Gold for fuming glass. Quartz, with its low COE of 8, is extremely shock resistant and requires an immense amount of heat to melt, thereby giving you secure control of the molten metal during the fuming process when it is placed in a small depression. 11 mm OD, 8 mm ID, 8" (20 cm) long.
To use the Plain Quartz Tubing for fuming, heat up a spot near one end until white hot. Then push a slight depression into the side of the tube with the tip of tweezers. The heating can be accomplished using a beadmaking size torch turned up to its maximum setting if you are using bottled oxygen. If you are using an Oxygen Concentrator/Generator the flame will not likely be hot enough. Purchase the Quartz Tubing with the Depression already in it. Caution: always point the end of any tubing downstream to the flame to prevent the flame from entering the tubing and burning your hand.


50 Frit Mixes!
Click Here to see all the new
Dazzling frit mixes for COE 96 and 104.

>>>> 4 Additional New Colors <<<<
Back to School TNCaramel TNDorothy's Dress TNRestful TN

Amethyst TNAquamarine TNBaby Blanket TNBeach Morning TN
Canyon Sunse TNDream Again TNEaster Egg TNFire in the Heart TN
Iris Garden TNJourney TNLavender Lace TNNew Mexico TN
Ocean Waves TNPearl TNRaspberry Parfait TNRed Dragon TN
Rose Garden TNSapphire TNShrubbery TNSpotted Leopard TN
...and 26 more

BellaDonna Glass
The bead below has both Moody Blue and Purplescent glasses spiraled around a clear glass core. Read about them, Black Diamond, the soon to be released Black Magic and the two new colors, Honey Glaze and Royal Purple (pictured below).

Purplescent and Moody Blue on same bead

4 Honey Glaze 34 1 Royal Purple on white

BellaDonna Glass - Frit

BD Frit 1 TN

BD Frit 3 TN

BD Frit 2 TN

BellaDonna Glass is also available in frit in all the colors - Moody Blue, Purplescent, Black Diamond and the two new colors, Honey Glaze and Royal Purple. Soon to be released is Black Magic, a very dense black that reduces to metallic silver. BellaDonna Glass page.


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