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How to measures your personal eyewear
for clip-on AV2000 flameworking eyewear.

Trace your eyewear onto paper that you then will be able to fax or mail to Arrow Springs. Do this by carefully laying your eyewear convex side down and the temples upward. Using a sharp pencil, carefully and accurately trace around the frames. You will probably need to angle the pencil's point towards the frames to assure that the tracing accurately represents the frames. If you cannot fully trace around the frames around the hinge and nose areas, draw them in by hand. Very important, check the tracing afterwards to be sure the frames did not move while tracing.

If you are mailing the original tracing, this is all we will need to match up clip-on frames. There are thousands of sizes and shapes of regular eyewear frames, but less than twenty clip-on sizes and shapes with flameworking lenses. We cannot promise an exact fit, but we can almost always get close. Arrow Springs has the largest selection of clip-on frames for flameworking to choose from.

Only if you are faxing the tracing or sending a copy by mail or fax, will you need to measure the width of the frames, excluding the hinge attachment area. On the drawing, make a mark at each side of the frames where you measured from. Write this measurement on the tracing with arrows pointing to the measurement marks. This measurement is extremely important. A copy is always slightly different than the original. A fax is always considerably different than the original. We will use this measurement to make reduction or enlargement corrections to the tracing.

Always include your name, address and phone numbers written on the same paper as the tracing.